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High-level Consultation Services

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Our experts are skilled at helping you to find ways to optimise your business, increase profits and reduce operating costs.  We offer a range of high-level consultation services to guide you and enable you to build and maintain a competitive business.

Business Model Blueprint
Doing business without a great business model is like sailing the oceans without a map, you may move along quickly, but you could be going round in circles and you have no idea where you are or where you’re going.  Our expert staff are experienced at helping you see the wood from the trees, to help you see the big picture and develop a clear business model that will act as a guide for all that you do and enable you to succeed.

Business Process Re-engineering
Do you feel like you know you could be doing things smarter and more effectively?  Pavilion IT’s experts are skilled at asking the right questions to help you rethink and optimise your processes.  Through the analysis of existing workflows and processes and utilising the opportunities offered by Pavilion IT’s software, you can dramatically improve customer service, reduce operating costs and increase your competitiveness.

Scoping and architecture assessment
We provide scoping and architecture assessments to help you assess your ERP needs.  Each business is unique and we help you to plan the implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.  Our experts will review your requirements and work together with you to produce a plan for delivering the solution, with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.  The result will be a clear outline of the implementation process, manpower effort requirement and costs to implement a successful ERP solution.

Audit Practice (failed or ongoing implementation)
If another company are implementing your ERP solution and you want an independent confidence check on the progress to date, our experts will provide an audit with detailed feedback on every aspect of the implementation.  Alternatively, if you are already using an ERP solution, but feel like you’re not reaping all the benefits you expected, our experts can help provide an audit of what is working, and if necessary what is failing and can be improved.  Our Pavilion IT staff are passionate about the benefits of a well implemented ERP solution, so we want to help ensure you reap all the benefits.

Return on Investment Analysis
We recognise implementing a new ERP solution is a big commitment, both in terms of time and money, and in a competitive environment it is vital the investment in a new asset makes sound business sense.  Our team can perform a detailed Return on Investment analysis for your business, to help you make an informed decision. 

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