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Microsoft SharePoint

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The Foundation for Effective Working
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is the foundation that allows people to work together, sharing knowledge and ideas to achieve success.  SharePoint provides a platform for people to connect with each other, manage content, share information, collaborate on solving problems and tap into and access the wealth of knowledge spread throughout your business.  With the help of Pavilion IT to effectively implement SharePoint in your company, you can expect to rapidly experience the benefits of:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Faster and More Informed Response to Business Changes


You’ll never go back
Once you start using SharePoint you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.  It allows you to focus on the important aspects of your business, effortlessly facilitating the more routine or management tasks. 

  • Effectively Manage your Information – One application to handle all your content management, storage, collaboration, archiving and restoration needs. 
  • Work Faster - Multiple users can collaborate on a document at the same time, and the document’s history can be fully tracked. 
  • Reduce Emails – Files can be stored and accessed centrally, eliminated the need to send and track documents by email.
  • Guarantee Up-To-Date Information – Provides the option to ensure users can only access the latest version of a file, often a legal and regulatory requirement.  
  • Quickly Find the Right Information – SharePoint’s powerful search capability works in seconds providing you relevant information extracted from many sources. 
  • Easy to Use and Control – A familiar Microsoft Interface makes it intuitive to use.  Users can make their own amendments, without relying on specialist IT support. 
  • Relevant Communities – New website communities can be easily created by any user to allow joint working and fast collaboration on any issue.       
  • Access from Anywhere – SharePoint works on local networks or via cloud-based services to mobile devices allowing complete remote access from anywhere. 
  • Respond to Business Needs – The software is instantly usable straight from the box, but is also easily customizable to meet your specific business requirements. 


Pavilion IT – Helping you along the way
Our expert staff will provide you with all the training that you need to quickly realize the benefits of SharePoint.  We’ll guide you through the initial changes and help you to use the software to optimize your procedures and maximize your productivity

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