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Microsoft Business Intelligence

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Confidence in Decision Making
Microsoft Business Intelligence tools are software applications designed to help you to maximize your company’s performance and make critical business decisions with the greatest level of confidence.   The tools allow you to make informed decisions as you can search through all your company’s data, retrieve the relevant information, analyze that data and report it in a clear format. 
Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tools mean you’re never left making a decision in the dark.  You can now quickly and securely access the information you need, giving you confidence and peace of mind as you make decisions about the future of your business.   

Fast and Flexible Applications with Microsoft .NET Development
Microsoft’s .NET Development Platform is a software framework for programmers, providing a common functionality for applications to run on.  The framework provides developers with a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visibly stunning user experiences and seamless and secure communication.  It offers many advantages over traditional Web programming platforms and is:

  • Fast – Delivers increased application speed and response time.
  • Economic – Utilizes improved reusability of programming code.
  • Compatible – Allows for easy integration with other applications.

Pavilion IT’s experts have specialist expertise in programming customized applications within the .NET framework to meet specific customer objectives. 

Make Smarter Decisions with Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is a complete and integrated information platform that enables organizations to unlock breakthrough insights across the organization.  Analytical models can be built from virtually any data source, allowing decision makers at every level to make smarter choices.  SQL Server has many benefits: 

  • Clear Presentation of Facts – SQL Server provides clear reports and visual representations of data compiled from multiple sources.
  • Super-Fast Response – Quickly providing the answers you need. 
  • Bringing Stakeholder Together – Data can be accessed from across departments and teams and presented in one place to create joint ownership and buy-in of the results. 
  • Flexible Application – SQL Server is scalable and works on-site or via a cloud. 


Pavilion IT – Support that leads to Success
We take pride in supporting our customers and standing with them.  We believe in the services and skills we offer and enjoy seeing organizations growing in confidence and revenue, as they are enabled to make informed decisions that achieve greater business success.

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