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Retail Management

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At Pavilion IT we understand the complexities of retail management; the demands to deliver lower prices combined with excellent customer service across multiply channels, beating off intense competition whilst still making a profit. 
Pavilion IT offers a complete business application that enables retail companies to thrive and grow, delivering a solution that provides a seamless experience for customers across multiply channels.  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with the support of our Pavilion IT experts will provide the software to run your entire organization, from point of sale and merchandising, through to the entire supply chain, all tailored to the intricacies of your particular business. 
The power and efficiency of the application means you have more time to focus on delivering excellent customer service, resulting in you exceeding your customers’ expectations and building ongoing loyalty.  The software is flexible, so you can implement change at a pace that works for you.  You can make the most of new opportunities as Microsoft AX 2012 is designed for mobile applications, cloud compatibility and integration with social media. 
Pavilion IT and Microsoft Dynamics AX provide a solution that is:
Integrated:  A single integrated solution specifically tailored to your business requirements, seamlessly consolidating multiply channels and your supply chain, all engineered for your success. 
Easy to implement:  After training from Pavilion’s expert instructors, combined with the familiar Microsoft interface, your staff will quickly feel confident in using the system to optimize your business performance. 
Profitable:  Through the streamlining of your processes and low operating costs you will quickly realize the benefits. 
Intelligent and Responsive:  Immediate detailed insight into current activities and the ability to anticipate trends will ensure you have all the information you’ll need to respond quickly to changes and make business critical decisions. 

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