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Distribution companies operate in a rapidly changing environment and you will need to optimize all of your processes and systems to succeed.  The exciting opportunities of a global market also present hugely increased levels of complexity and associated decision making.    
We understand the challenges of globalization, the need for end-to-end supply chain visibility and meeting sustainability and compliance requirements.  We recognize the tension of managing risks and mitigation plans, controlling costs and maximizing profits. 
Pavilion IT can work with you to optimize Microsoft Dynamics AX for your specific unique requirements delivering a technical solution that can facilitate unlimited expansion and success.  We are experienced in helping companies to reap the benefits of connecting people, operations and partners with a single solution enabling them to manage their complex global businesses. 
We will assist you to refine your processes throughout the supply chain, respond rapidly to changing circumstances and demands and provide a delivery service that exceeds your customers’ expectations.  As your business grows, we can help as you expand to an international multisite capability. 
Pavilion IT and Microsoft Dynamics AX provide a solution that enables you to:

  • Simplify food and beverage management with batch traceability, shelf-life tracking, and weight recordings.
  • Streamline product management with multisite capabilities, advanced warehouse management systems, service management, and multisite planning.
  • Manage consumer goods with item dimensions; freight integration; and pricing, rebate, and multi-channel management.
  • Drive productivity with the familiar Microsoft products and technologies that distributors use worldwide.

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