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Construction and Real-Estate

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With modern construction and real-estate projects continually growing in size, cost and complexity, businesses needs a single software tool that enables them to manage and oversee the whole project.  With the support of Pavilion IT, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a comprehensive solution for the complete project lifecycle.   The application allows you to maintain and increase profitability as you know the exact status of your project, can manage and allocate resources effectively and are able to communicate clearly and quickly with partners. 
Utilizing one application across all your projects reduces errors and unnecessary duplication or integration effort.  It allows for fast and honest communication with customers and stakeholders, eliminates surprises and promotes an efficient and collaborative working environment.  With our assistance you can manage the whole life of your project through one application, from initial sales through to planning, execution and ongoing service and support, tailored specifically to your business needs. 
Pavilion IT and Microsoft Dynamics AX provide a solution that:
Generates Profits: Helps to optimise resources and assets for their best possible use, reducing wastage and missed opportunities and enabling tighter control of risks and technical issues. 
Is Easy to Use: With an easy to use and familiar Microsoft interface, training requirements are reduced and your personnel can quickly learn to use the software and focus on delivering results. 
Provides Real-Time Status Information: Generating a clear real-time view of utilization and profitability across your entire portfolio of projects, enabling agile and informed critical decision making.
Reduces Overall Costs: With one system, manual processes are automated and duplication of information is eliminated.    

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